JillaHospital.com : What is the Cost of IVF Treatment in India?

The cost of IVF is not fixed anywhere in India as it depends mainly on the infertility workup of the couple. Therefore, IVF cost varies from person to person. In some cases, if patient is lucky enough to blessed with a baby while going through only 1 or 2 IVF cycles, then it will cost less. Sometimes, simple process of laparoscopy procedure is enough to get dissolve the issue of infertility. So, to know the exact amount of IVF, the couple should consult the fertility clinic as there are many diagnostic procedures along with tests which range from Rs 1 lakh to 1.30 lakh per cycle. The IVF cost rises as the couple undergoes more advanced diagnostic procedures and infertility treatments. Jilla Hospital provides the best affordable cost in India.


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