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In-Vitro fertilization (IVF) is, certainly, not a choice by will but the best remedy to the depression and pain a couple suffers when infertile. However, it is a lot more critical and sensitive process than as it sounds. Thus, it becomes necessary to get it done from the best and most experienced places.
There is a huge population of such IVF centres in Andheri as well as in Mumbai. But when it comes to ensuring 100% patients’ satisfaction, it is us – Jilla Hospital, one of the most successful IVF centres in IVF Andheri. We have two of the Mumbai’s remarkable obstetricians and gynaecologists, actively dedicating their career to the noble cause of infertility management in the region.
JillaHospital - IVF Centre was the first to start Transvaginal Sonography, Gynecological Endoscopic (Keyhole) Surgery, Color Doppler Ultrasound, Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI), IVF and Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Centre and immunotherapy for recurrent pregnancy loss in Andheri. We have perfo… Affordable fertility doctors in Mumbai

The JillaHospital is reputed with one of the best fertility treatments in India providing best affordable fertility doctors, not just the finest and techno friendly equipments that the hospital provides but also is a scorer in case of its functionality.
At a time when infertility patients find it difficult to go through a medical procedure undergoing a treatment because of the expenses, at the same time the hospital has been making its name across the country for its affordable fertilitydoctors in Mumbai. Situated its centres in Aurangabad and Mumbai, the hospital has been providing satisfactory treatments for both men and women since long. The hospital draws crowd because of the patient satisfactory programs offered by the hospital.
The idea is to provide their patients with satisfactory experiences and a positive report of pregnancy, along with this the services also include the patients with better understanding about the entire process of the treatment so that there would not be any…

Success Story #20: Giving birth and happiness of becoming a mother cant be described in words.

Giving birth and happiness of becoming a mother cant be described in words.

Today I would like all of you to know how fortunate my wife and I are today after visiting Jilla hospital. All our sincere thanks and gratitude to Natasha and doctors who gave a precise treatment and now we are blessed with a baby boy (Suyash). We were like just another couple who couldn't first adjust to the fact that we might be infertile. A whole lot of local Doctors, then references of relatives then the endless number of tests for both of us. We couldn't believe ourselves when we even started visiting all sorts of astrologers and started wearing all sorts of pendants and strings. All this only proved how desperate we were to have our baby. Life between us started to take a strange turn. 

That was it and we finally decided to stop trying and accept the fact that we needed help to have a baby. Fortunately we were referred to Jilla Hospital through a relative of ours in Mumbai. We faced no problems at …

Recognized female infertility care centers in Mumbai

From birth itself, a woman’s life changes at every step. The changes only become a constant and form an integral part of her life. The biggest change occurs when she conceives or anxiously struggles to conceive. This phase is confusing and helpless. Sometimes she may wish she had someone to guide her through this period.

Infertility keeps a woman from conceiving as well as carrying out a full term healthy pregnancy. As per our records, 40% of the cases that reach us every year are of female infertility. The commonly found causes of infertility in a woman are ovulation issues, damaged fallopian tubes or uterus, smoking, and alcohol over consumption, while unhealthy diet or lifestyle can be an added factor. Sometimes, there is nothing to prevent female infertility when the cause is genetic or some other illnesses but can be definitely cured by Jilla Hospital.
We, at Jilla, completely understand the mental trauma a woman goes through before and during the whole process of fertilization or …

Recognized Male Infertility Care Centers in Mumbai

Have you ever heard any men talking about infertility? 
Number of women writes about it every day but for men it’s a great taboo. In our society, fertility is so attached to the notion of masculinity that they feel it’s shameful and embarrassing talking about infertility. Infertility is generally entitled to women but as per records in every three cases of infertility, the problem lies with the man. 

Adding to the discomfort and hesitation already involved in this problem, the time spent waiting for the results of the various treatments and conception services or further tests makes it worse and stressful. This stress can be shattering for yourself as well as for your relationship with your spouse too. This is the time you may need an open-mind third person that can hear-out your problem and help you choose the correct, easier and clearer solution keeping it confidential. Doctors and specialists of Jilla Hospital are perfect for this role.
Jilla Hospital is one of the recognized male inf…

Cheapest female infertility care centers in Mumbai

Mumbai being a metropolitan city, the changing social scenario together with economic growth and an increase in job opportunities ,has to a great extent  resulted in more and more older women seeking help from infertility clinics and set a high demand for more infertilityspecialist in Mumbai. Fertility and aging have always been closely linked and the age of the female partner remains the single most important factor in predicting success with treatment. The infertility specialist in Mumbai  have conducted several tests for the ovarian reserve as an important informative tool and are helpful in selecting treatment options.

The significance of female age with regard to fertility is still ill-understood, even among the educated.The infertility specialist in Mumbai especially at Jilla Hosiptal are focussing on these aspects and counselling young couples and providing appropriate treatment.
When the cause of infertility exists within the female partner, it is referred to as female infertili…

Cheapest Male infertility care centers in Mumbai

In Mumbai with the increased work pressure and life-style today’s young couple are facing a lot of fertility issues .Its not only the women who are facing this issue rather both men and women have infertility issue. To get this corrected one has to shell out a lot of money .It is very difficult for a middle class couple to find cheapest fertility clinic in Mumbai. With the increase number of infertility cases in the country it’s become a business for almost all fertility doctors. The treatment comes in as a package with a fixed price and this price may sometimes touch the sky.

Infertility treatment consists of an entire package and its difficult for certain hospitals to compromise on package. Doctors at Jilla Hospital which is one of the cheapest  male infertility  centre in Mumbai say that “Identifying the cause of a man's infertility is as much an art as a science”. One of the most dramatic advances in the treatment of infertility has been the capacity to obtain fertilization and…